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PADI Instructor Development Course - Crystal Divers South Africa

May 9, 2016

Crystal Divers South Africa is hosting their next IDC this coming August 2017. After successfully implementing our PADI Instructor Development Course and PADI Professional Career Orientated Programs in 2015, we are ready to go forward in 2017 and raise the bar to the next level



 Platinum Course Director Minni Vangsgaard from Crystal Divers Bali will once again conduct our PADI IDC program. The Crystal Divers Team is extremely passionate about diving, particularly in unique destinations that offer a variety of experiences that challenge divers to excel, while perfecting their dive skills. The diving industry is fast becoming more competitive and it is important to get the most out of your professional training programs. With so many destinations to choose from and a variety of IDC Programs available, it is important to select the program that will prepare you best for the journey ahead. 


Here is some important questions you should ask yourself when signing up for a PADI IDC program. 

Q: Why should i become a PADI Instructor when there are other options available.

A: PADI is still the largest diving organisation in the world and offer exeptional support and adhere to the highest industry standards. From personal experience i found it much easier to locate PADI centers across the globe, wich made finding work so much easier. Becoming a PADI Instructor opens up a world of possibilities and made it possible for me to find work in some of the world's most exotic dive destinations.

Q: What should i look for in an Instructor Development Center. 

A: Choose a center that will prepare you for what lies ahead. The Crystal Divers IDC Program is conducted over 17 days, the schedule allows for you to master all the different segments of the program and you also have additional time to develop the segments that you might find more difficult. The diving conditions in Aliwal Shoal can vary from average to challenging, this will give you real-life expereince to later be comfortable in any dive conditions. Not to mention the 1200 marine species we find here, of wich 15% is endemic to the area.

We offer an unique training enviroment in one of the best dive locations, under the guidance of one of Asia's Award Winning Platinum Course Directors. You get the best of both world's

Q; How easy is it to find work in such a niece industry?

A: After you complete the PADI IDC Program you will be qualifeid to work as a PADI Instructor anywhere in the world, that is if you apply the knowledge that you have learned and stay focused on your goals. Crystal Divers South Africa- Bali - Thailand also offer assistance in job placement and career guidance. With a collective 50 years experience in the industry we have accumilated a network that makes it possible for us to assist our candidates with job placement. 

Q: How much will i earn as a dive instructor?

A: Generally speaking you earn enough to cover your living and travel expenses, but it is priceless to travel the world and experience natures encredible beauty and share your passion with people. However our Course Director Minni, has assited many PADI Profesionals to excell and go all the way to the top. Don't stop here continue your training and keep improving your dive skill-set to make you more employable, we all started as green instructors with the world at our feet. 


We look forward to share our passion for diving with all our candidates. There is nothing more rewarding than that moment when the student becomes the teacher. Creating diving professional is what we love doing, but our main aim is to create custodions of the oceans. What we find most rewarding is to know that we are creating dive professionals that take ownership of their new work enviroment and create awareness. We all know that that our fragile marine ecosystems are under tremendous pressure due to over-fishing and pollution. Knowing that we are assiting in a small way to help spread the conservation message and inspire people to help protect what we hold so dear is what drives us forward. Being an instuctor that teaches people to dive will be more than just a job, it is a way to inform, protect, and inspire.


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