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Restyled for 2016, Everdry 4 is made of a 4mm thick high-density neoprene and is comfortable like a wetsuit, but keeps you warm and water tight like a drysuit. 

• 4mm high-density neoprene maintains optimal thermal insulation but weighs 50% less and is significantly softer than a traditional dry suit.
• Ensures better protection and buoyancy stability at depth than a traditional wetsuit.
• Featuring Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves, facilitating better buoyancy operation and increased comfort.
• Soft flexible neoprene socks, fitting a broad range of feet and body combinations. The suit can be worn with HD Drysuit Boots or neoprene boots.
• Durable dry back zipper with neoprene protection flap keeps water out.
• Convenient and spacious pocket with zippered closure keeps essentials close at hand.
• Reversed construction rolling neoprene neck seals guarantee water tightness without the hair-pulling or potential allergy risks of traditional latex. Two exterior velcro closures offer complete adjustment and comfort.
• Easy-to-repair neoprene wrist seals for no-leak insulation and comfort.
• Elastic, adjustable & removable suspender system for a better fit.
• 5/6.5mm anatomically shaped hood with prolonged neck & soft skin-like neoprene face & neck seals, plus air release valve system, keeps you warm.
• Available in both men’s and women’s sizes. And our lady’s version is a specifically cut and shaped pattern for perfect fit on the female form.


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