From Beginner to Professional Level

Crystal Divers was founded with the intention to deliver the highest standard of dive training, from beginner to professional level, with a strong emphasis on the practical application of each individuals level of dive training.

 Through our unique training programs not only do we meet the highest industry standards but we also introduce students to unique environments where they can apply their newly acquired skills. 

We are extremely passionate about the environment and we strongly believe the best way to help protect these fragile ecosystems is through education and exploration.

Besides providing training in various specialized fields, we also explore different realms of the underwater world to gather a better understanding of how these delicate ecosystems interlink, an understanding that in the end could help preserve the underwater world for generations to come. 

Aliwal Shoal is the ideal place to learn to dive and gain experience. The dive sites on Aliwal Shoal are diverse and offer something for everyone. Whether you are in love with the big pelagic predators or fascinated by the magical micro marine organisms that are in abundance on the reef – Aliwal Shoal is a unique bio-diverse reef and even the wrecks here are full of marine life.