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Crystal Divers offers the opportunity to train with us and become a PADI Divemaster. Experience world-class diving, and gain incredible leadership skills as a PADI Divemaster in sunny South Africa.


Duration: 3 Months 
Min age: 18 years


Each Divemaster course is customized to your existing qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities. This once in a lifetime experience will offer divers the opportunity to become PADI Divemaster’s in one of the world’s best kept secrets – Aliwal Shoal



Have you been looking at Divemaster Internships in different places.  Do they all look the same? Here is the Crystal Divers difference!!

During your time here you will be trained in various diving skills, learning client skills, business knowledge, helping with training sessions, conducting dive refreshers, emergency action plans, planning and leading dives, including baited shark dives, the full spectrum of skills and knowledge a Divemaster is expected to possess.

Not enough? Here are even more reasons to choose Crystal Divers.

Many places break a Divemaster Internship into phases to makes the costs more acceptable.  Here at Crystal Divers, we are upfront and honest with the costs.  That is why we do not have a set price, we build a training package that fits your needs and your wallet.  We do understand the financial limitations that people have and we will work with you on financing options.

Crystal Divers Divemaster Internship isn’t just another program; it’s the definitive career building, unparalleled shark diving, life changing, entertaining, interactive, ULTIMATE diving experience aimed at candidates who would like to take the plunge and pursue a fulltime career in scuba diving. This internship is ideal for the adventurous individuals among us that are looking for the Ultimate Divemaster Internship.


The Crystal Divers SA Divemaster Internship is a combination of all the key elements of the diving industry where candidates will gain hands-on experience in the daily operational structure of a dive operation while expanding their knowledge of the diving industry with emphasis on development of their own diving skills as a professional. Crystal Divers offers personalised services to ensure candidates gain as much as possible from their experience. All of this while diving in the world class Marine Protected Area of Aliwal Shoal which is one of the world’s most renowned shark diving “hotspots”.


Is it all about diving?

At Crystal Divers we pride ourselves in immersing ourselves in diving. Scuba Diving is a lifestyle and it’s all about living the life. In other words it’s all about the lifestyle experience as a whole. Entertainment evenings and excursions form a large part of our mission.


What is diving like?

Crystal Divers South Africa is based in Scottburgh- South Africa, the gateway to Aliwal Shoal and the pristine Southern Reefs which forms part of the Aliwal Shoal MPA. The temperate waters are home to a magnitude of marine species of which 15% are endemic to the area. Aliwal Shoal is home to some unique macro life and large coastal and pelagic species alike. It is not uncommon to see manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins and sharks in a single day. Water temperature varies between 21°C in winter and 28°C in summer. The diving conditions are ideal to help you develop your dive leader skills while enjoying world-class diving. Diving highlights included guaranteed shark diving throughout the year, wreck diving, baited shark dives and reef dives. On the internship you will complete a minimum of 50 dives depending on your current qualifications and diving experience.


Where will I stay? There are several accommodation options available in Scottburgh according to your budget.  We have agreements with several providers to allow you to pick where you will be comfortable staying, from fully catered to self catering to backpackers.


What will I do?

During your Divemaster internship you will take part in activities that will enable you to interact safely with a huge variety of sea life, including apex predators and get an in depth view and understanding of how different eco systems interlink. In conjunction with the PADI divemaster program you will receive training t develop exemplary dive skills including fine-tuning your rescue skills, dive site set up and management, confidently lead qualified divers on dives, assist and supervise dive training and work towards being the best diving professional you could be.

Once certified, a PADI Divemaster can participate in the following:

1. Supervise training and non-training diving activities

2. Certify Skin Divers and Snorkelers.

3. Assist and supervise in PADI experience programs such as Discover Scuba Diving.

4. Assist PADI instructors in conducting scuba diving courses.

5. Conduct Scuba Review

6. Demonstrating Skills in Confined Water Sessions- Divemaster Course

7. PADI Divemaster is the minimum qualification in order to enroll in the PADI Instructor course.


The experience that you will gain during training, under the guidance of our highly knowledgeable team, will prepare you to confidently work as a diving professional anywhere in the world.


The diving industry is rapidly expanding and becoming more competitive, we offer additional training to make sure our interns are equipped with the necessary skills and experience that will make them an asset for any future employee. In addition to the PADI Divemaster course we also teach dive related programs such as marketing & product knowledge and  marine conservation.




I’m hooked, what are the costs? What do I get?

Each course is customized to the individual depending on existing qualifications and diving experience.  For an individual with an Advanced Open Water qualification and at least 10 dives the course fee would be approximately R42,000.  Most Divemaster interns show up for the course without the proper diving gear to work as a divemaster.  We do have rental gear available, but we highly recommend you acquire your own professional level gear.  To help with this and make it affordable, we are working on an exciting new program with Aqualung that will see every Divemaster start the program with a brand new set of Aqualung gear, suitable for a career as a PADI Professional.


Package includes:

All necessary pre-requisite qualifications to start the Divemaster Program (program will be customized around your current certification level)

    Open and Advanced Open Water

    Emergency First Aid

    Rescue Diver 

PADI Divemaster Course Tuition and Certification

Local Transport and transfers​​​

50+ Dives

Marketing and Product Knowledge Workshop

Project Aware Shark Conservation Speciality

10% Discount on all dive equipment purchases

An unforgettable life changing experience (FREE!!)

Career advice and counselling

Travel information assistance


Package Excludes:



Dive Computer

Flight to South Africa

How to get there: Fly into Durban - King Shaka international. Aliwal Shoal is situated 80km from Durban on the N2 Southern bypass near the town of Scottsburg

Visa requirements:

Currency: South African Rand (ZAR)

Oceans and Seas:Indian Ocean

Sealife: Ragged tooth shark ( grey nurse shark), tiger shark, oceanic black tip sharkrays, honey comb morays, brindle bass, frog fish, turles, travali, king fish, queen fish, barracuda, pineapple fish, moorish idols, cuitar sharks, dolphins

Seasons: Rain showers occure mostly in the summer months. Diving takes place year round.

Water temperature: Average water temp is around 22 degrees


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